Fire Damage Restoration



Fire Damage Clean up and Repair

Fire damage disaster can happen at any moment, wreaking havoc on families and businesses. Common causes of fire damage include appliance malfunctions, faulty electrical work, negligence, and natural disasters, all of which are unpredictable. Fire damage is one of the most dangerous forms of damage a home can undergo during its existence. When a fire occurs the number one concern is the safety and security of you and your family. The first 24-48 hours after a fire disaster is the most critical time for the restoration process, but we understand that this is also the most emotional and stressful time.

When a house is destroyed by fire, the building materials and material inside the home may be burned, and if that is the case, several known carcinogens are likely to burn. While the physical burn marks of a fire can be easily seen, smoke damage is pervasive and can pose very serious consequences to your health.

When it comes to recovering from the tragedy of a fire, professional and quick services are essential to potentially restoring your home We will help guide you through this difficult time, easing your burden by taking care of your home or business.


What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire Damage Restoration is a comprehensive process that involves an investigation of all damaged areas to your home in order to determine the extent and cause of the fire damage. Once that has been assessed, High Tide Restoration will begin a organizational approach of combing your home to clean up all smoke and fire damage. From cleaning of wood surfaces, furniture, and even the walls, your home will receive a thorough cleaning that removes the smells and the dangers of smoke damage. Once the process is complete your home will be safe to enter.

First Steps when you experience a Fire.

  • Make sure all Children, Elderly, and Pets are removed from the area. They should be moved to a safe location away from the damage.
  • Take photos for inventory of the interior of your home. The Insurance company will need a record of what was inside the building, and it is easier to do this before the complete restoration process has begun.
  • Call your Insurance company
  • Call a Fire Restoration Company for assistance.

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