Overspray Protection


What is Overspray Protection?

In order to keep the carpet looking as good as new for as long as possible, most manufacturers will add a carpet protection overspray at the factory. But this protective overspray will only last for so long.

Carpeting encounters much wear and tear over the years due to foot traffic, pets, kids, spills and stains. Without a carpet protection overspray, the fibers of the carpet will wear out much sooner, causing the carpet to lose some of its visual appeal and ability to repel stains and dirt.

Carpet protection overspray will wear off, so it is recommended that you have a new layer of overspray protection added every two years. Call High Tide Restoration and Cleaning today for all your carpet cleaning needs.

Benefits of Carpet Protection Overspray:

  • Cleaner Carpet: Keeping your carpet clean is easier with High Tides protective overspray. When dirt gets tracked into your home the dirt will not cling to the fibers; this will make it easier for your vacuum to remove all of the dirt from the carpet.
  • Easier Stain Removal: When your carpet is new you'll notice that any liquids you spill will bead up on the top of the carpet.  Protective overspray will help prevent these spills from seeping down into the carpet. Once the carpet starts to experience more wear and tear over the years, the protective overspray will begin wearing down and this will not work as well. This will cause liquids to soak through the carpet resulting in a potential permanent stain.
  • Reduced Wear: In areas that experience heavy foot traffic, such as in the hallways or an entryway adding a protective overspray on a regular basis will help prevent wear on your carpet. Without a carpet protection overspray, the fibers will wear break down faster, causing the visual attraction of your carpet to fade more quickly.
  • Reduced Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning: If you add protective overspray when you have your carpets cleaned, you'll be able to go longer between cleanings since the protection helps repel dirt and stains.

Upholstery & Fabric Protector:

High Tide Restoration and Cleaning also offers the same protective overspray for fabric and upholstery.  A fabric protection overspray will repel dirt, stains and spills to make cleanup easier, and extend the life of your upholstery.


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