Water Damage Restoration




In the event of a water damage, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to take steps to minimize damage, and you must move quickly.  Water can permanently damage your home, and the faster the mitigation and water damage restoration process begins, the less damage there will be.  Mold can begin to grow, and even clean water is considered contaminated (Cat 3 - "Black Water") after 72 hours.

Immediate Steps To Take To Minimize Damage:

Make sure your home is safe. If you think that any area of your home is dangerous, please stay away until the professionals at High Tide Restoration and Cleaning can arrive. However, if your home is structurally safe to enter, here are a few steps to help prevent further damage. These steps include:

  • First shut off the main water valve to the house if flooding is a result of plumbing
  • Turn off the main circuit breaker. This will shut off electricity to your home
  • Unplug all electronics
  • Placing aluminum foil between furniture legs and soaked carpet
  • Remove any small items that may stain areas if left on the floor.

When in doubt, leave the work to the highly trained professionals at High Tide Restoration.

water restoration

When Is Mitigation & Water Damage Restoration Needed?

  • Damage from Leaking Roof
  • Damage from Floodwaters
  • Damage from Plumbing Pipes
  • Damaged floors
  • Wet walls
  • Wet rugs
  • Wet furniture

What Happens if you Wait

You need the professional services of a trained water damage restoration company. Failure to quickly call an experienced professional company can result in:
  • Mold Growth
  • Additional damage from wicking of water up walls and baseboards
  • Secondary damage to unaffected areas & materials due to uncontrolled interior humidity.

Once you call us, our team will respond to assess the damaged areas and develop a plan for restoring your property as quickly as possible. Our highly trained technicians are equipped to handle water damages of all sizes and types.

By incorporating state of the art technology, we are able to locate and assess and identify water damage, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. Whether it's a small leak or a flood that affects multiple floors, we can address the problem and restore your home.

We are always available when disaster strikes.  Call us 24/7 at 843-682-2000 for all of your water damage restoration needs.

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